Aerial Mapping and Photography

GCI provides services in aerial and UAV mapping, aerial photography, LiDAR and high resolution satellite imagery, allowing us to produce maps, plans, drawings and geodata sets to the highest international standards.


Aerial photography and UAV (drone) mapping for terrain modelling (DSM, DEM, DTM)

Airborne LiDAR and laser scanning for efficient and cost effective mapping

Image processing,  rectification & feature classification

Feature & attribute mapping and data collection for asset management

Ground control point (GCP) surveys for satellite imagery & aerial photography

Pre- and post marking for photogrammetry

Control network design, establishment & monitoring

Point-of-interest (POI) mapping for GIS and PNDs

GIS & LIS base mapping

Geographic Information System (GIS) services

 Aerial Photography & Video

Data acquisition, processing and analysis

Projects (Selected)

20131121_145423 LiDAR Flight 1 IMG_0334
Uong Tuong Mine
Quang Ninh, Vietnam
A Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or drone was successfully utilised to carry out a survey of 6.6km² of mine site and surrounds. Ground control and flying of the high resolution (30mm per pixel) aerial photography was carried out within one week and the Digital Surface Model (DSM) processed less than one week later. Deliverables from the UAV mapping included high resolution mosaiced imagery, point cloud data, DSM, digital terrain models (DTMs), contour maps, stockpile maps and a stockpile volume quantity report.
Reforestation Project
Kampong Thom, Cambodia
Our services included the procurement of the LiDAR system and aircraft for the mapping of 20km² of forest as a pilot for a ODA funded REDD project. GCI also operated GPS ground stations for the LiDAR calibration flights, LiDAR and aerial photography flights, as well as supervised the processing of the LiDAR and digital photos.
Nuclear Power 2
Ninh Than Province, Vietnam
GCI was selected by the mapping consultant to provide aerial photography, ground control and aerial mapping services for the Feasibility Study of Vietnam’s first atomic power station. Our services also included supply of 1:25000 topographic maps and existing aerial photography from Vietnam Government archives.

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