GCI operates in a wide variety of industries and fields of business, primarily in the engineering based sectors. The company also offers geographic information services for clients in non-engineering and non-technical areas, such as those involved in, and in support of, trade and commerce.






Highways, bridges, and tunnels

Light rail, mass rapid transit, monorail

Terminals runways, approach paths

Ports, harbour & inland waterways


Thermal power plants

Hydroelectric power stations

Renewable & alternative energy (solar, wind)

Transmission networks



Water supply facilities & distribution

Wastewater collection networks

Water treatment stations

Disposals & outfalls



Submarine cable networks

Cell network planning and design

Land network, landfalls design & construction


Natural Resources


Land Management

Land administration

Land use planning & development

Cadastral & legal system of land tenure Forestry management


Resource Management

Irrigation planning

Water resource planning

Forestry & biodiversity management

Coastal & marine resources



Mineral exploration & exploitation

Infrastructure & processing facilities

Extraction & carriage audits

Quarries & excavations

Access & haul roads


Habitat retention

Sustainable development

Disposal of hazardous materials

Heritage conservation

Impact assessment



Marketing, Distribution & Retail

Market research

Retail location planning

Inventory & stock monitoring

Distribution network planning


Real Estate


Urban Development

Subdivisions and residential communities

Commercial & retail complexes

Office buildings

Mixed-use & integrated complexes

Tourism & Recreation

Hotel & resort developments

Golf courses & sports facilities

Entertainment complexes & theme parks

Marinas, wharfs & jetties





Oil & Gas

Hydrocarbon exploration

Gas pipelines & gathering systems

Offshore platforms & production facilities

Gas processing terminals



Oil refineries

Petrochemical plants

Fertiliser & plants

Plastics facilities



Factories & mills

Production & processing plants

Export processing zones

Industrial parks

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