GCI provides mapping and surveying services to projects and clients throughout the natural resource sector.

Land Management

Resource Management



  • Land administration

  • Land use planning & development

  • Cadastral & legal system of land tenure

  • Forestry management

  • Irrigation planning

  • Water resource planning

  • Forestry & biodiversity management

  • Coastal & marine resources

  • Mineral exploration & exploitation

  • Infrastructure & processing facilities

  • Extraction & carriage audits

  • Quarries & excavations

  • Access & haul roads

  • Habitat retention

  • Sustainable development

  • Disposal of hazardous materials

  • Heritage conservation

  • Impact assessment

Projects (Selected)

LiDAR Flight 1
Forest Carbon Mapping- Kampong Thom, Cambodia

Asia Air Survey of Japan engaged GCI for LiDAR mapping of 19 km² in Kampong Thom province for forestry deforestation and carbon mapping. The total area was flown in 2 days using a helicopter platform from Helicopters Cambodia Ltd.


Uong Thuong Coal Mine -Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam

GCI provided UAV photography and topographic mapping for mine development, stockpile verification and illegal mining identification. Over 6 km² was flown in less than 3 days and mapped for VietMindo, a Vietnamese/Indonesian coal extraction Joint Venture.


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