GCI has completed over 100 surveying and mapping assignments over the last 25 years and has been involved with some of the highest-profile projects in the region, from highways and cable-stayed bridges to thermal and solar power plants, world class golf courses, international standard resorts, hotels and casinos to factories and oil & gas facilities.





temple site, the PHILIPPINES 
Cova Thinking engaged GCI to complete TDD survey services, including aerial LiDAR, topographic, boundary, control,  and utility surveys on a 2.2 Ha in Bacalan Province in The Philippines.

my thuan bridge 2, vinh long province, vietnam
GCI is contracted by Freyssinet to provide geometry control survey services on the Second cable-stayed Bridge across the Mekong River at My Thuan. GCI provided engineering survey services on the original My Thuan Cable-Stayed bridge from 1997-2000. 

lego new factory, binh duong province, vietnam
GCI is contracted by Lego to provide independent construction surveying services for Lego’s new build on their 44 Ha site. Services include survey control establishment, site handover verification, construction verification (QC) and monitoring surveys.

Clearwater Bay Golf Club, hong Kong
Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club engaged GCI to complete an as-built update survey of the 18-hole main course, the 6-hole Academy Course, driving range and nursery. Deliverables included irrigation plans, yardage plans, contour plans, aerial photos and spatial data files for course management and GIS systems.

TEMPLE SITE, osaka, japan
Cova Thinking engaged GCI to complete TDD survey services, including aerial, topographic, boundary, control,  and utility surveys on a 6.7 Ha in Osaka Prefecture.

red phoenix golf and residences, hai phong, vietnam
AWI from Australia contracted GCI to complete detailed site surveys of it’s 150 Ha site near Hai Phong in northern Vietnam. GCI used a combination of UAV, RTK and hydrographic survey methods to carry out the work.
Arthur Winston investments
six senses saigon river, dong nai, vietnam
GCI was commissioned by the land developer to complete surveys of the 55 Ha site on the banks of the Dong Nai River for engineering design purposes.
hai dung co
2021, 2022
Sanctuary Ho Tram Residential Resort
GCI was commissioned by Hai Vuong Tourism JSC to provide topographic, laser scanning, boundary and villa setting out surveys as well as Lot plan services for the development expansion of their Sanctuary Ho Tram Residential Resort.
Sanctuary logo
Compass Offices, Ho Chi Minh City
Compass Offices contracted GCI to carry out virtual tour/VR captures of their two Ho Chi Minh City serviced office spaces: Landmark 81 and Bitexco Financial Tower.
CompassOffice logo
ship unloader, phu my iz
TAKRAF (Australia) re-engaged GCI to provide vessel rail installation surveys as well as tilt (pitch and roll) monitoring of the heavy lift (760MT), SPMT movement and ship loading at Phu My IZ, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province.
takraf logo
the nexus, Ho Chi Minh City
REFICO engaged GCI as the owners Surveyor for the twin tower mixed-used development in HCMC.
the River thu thiem, HCMC
GCI’s provided verification and compliance survey consultancy services through the provision of a fulltime survey crew on site.

city garden logo

HCMC Metro line 1, HCMC
GCI’s 3rd contract on HCMC’s 1st Metro line involves the verification of the civil works for the E&M contractor. Laser scanning is the primary survey method for the 19.7km of Tunnel (C&C, TBM) and Viaduct.

Ba Son Development, HCMC
Masterise Homes contracted GCI to provide existing building condition (dilapidation) surveys for over 80 properties & public areas, surrounding their Marriot construction site in District 1, HCMC
Hoi An South Development, Quang Nam Province
HASD engaged GCI to survey and map over 800 Ha (8 sq.kms) in Quang Nam Province, for their Master Plan submissions and engineering design work. GCI completed the field and office work in <6 weeks using UAV methods.

Vattanac Lifestyle Park, phnom penh
Vattanac Properties Ltd commissioned GCIC to provide construction monitoring services, including, settlement monitoring, groundwater monitoring and 24/7/12 tilt monitoring using automatic wireless tilt sensors.

Thu Thiem 2 bridge, HCMC
Freyssinet engaged GCI on a 15-month engineering survey contract for their construction of the Thu Thiem 2 Cable-Stayed Bridge project across the Saigon River connecting Districts 1 and 2.

Lynx river & burl river, finland
Enercon of Germany commissioned GCI to undertake desktop mapping and design services for 2 wind farm projects in Finland. Mapping of over 30 sq.kms, design for 36 turbine hardstands, pads, etc and over 23kms of access road design (improvement) was completed.

binh chan wastewater treatment plant, HCMC
GCI provided orthometric leveling and control point surveying for Veolia’s work on the Binh Chanh Wastewater treatment plant.

villa, district 7, hcmc
For Out-2 Design’s Villa design and construction Project Management work, GCI provided as-built and boundary survey services.

ship unloader, phu my iz
TAKRAF (Australia) engaged GCI to provide dimensions surveys for their Port of Newcastle unloader, fabricated in Phu My IZ, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province.

50mw solar power plant, ninh thuan
GCI provided Sensehawk with high resolution aerial imagery and ground control points for their clients 50Mw solar power plant in Ninh Thuan Province.

mixed-use development, Hanoi
GELEXLand commissioned GCI to complete pre- and post-clearance site surveys (control, boundary, topographic, utility) on their central Hanoi site.

temple site, port vila, vanuatu
GCI was been commissioned by Cova Thinking for site surveys, including aerial topographic, boundary, control, setting out and utility surveys. A survey of underground features was also carried out using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) equipment.

Saigon Tower, HCMC
Daibiru Saigon Tower has commissioned GCI to provide building monitoring services, including building condition survey (with 3D photometric scanning), settlement monitoring (12 months) and 24/7/12 tilt and vibration monitoring using GSS tilt and vibration sensors.

temple site, phnom penh
GCI was commissioned by Cova Thinking for site surveys, including aerial topographic, boundary, control, setting out and utility surveys. A survey of underground features was also carried out using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) equipment.
bim2 PhotoVoltaic power plant, ninh thuan
GCI was contracted by VSL for the setting out of 24,000 screw piles for the construction of 3,000 solar panel modules using GNSS RTK equipment.
2016 – 2019
HCMC Metro Line 1 (Viaduct), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Yoshiyo Koki of Japan engaged GCI to complete high accuracy surveys of the 400+ embedded anchor bolt sets for the Overhead Contact System (OCS) of HCMC’s first Metro line. This was GCI’s Second contract on the project.
confidential site, hanoi
US engineering firm Langan engaged GCI to carry out detailed boundary, control, topographic, utility (including GPR) surveys of their 3.5ha confidential site in Hanoi.
Sunset beach resort, ho tram
GCI was engaged by BPD to undertake boundary, control, topographic and setting out surveys for the projects pre-construction works.
beachfront property development (BPD), Singapore
the nexus, Ho Chi Minh City
REFICO has engaged GCI to perform pre-construction surveys for the twin tower mixed-used development in HCMC. Surveys included: boundary, control, utility (including Ground Penetrating Radar) and dilapidation surveys of neighbouring buildings.
Clearwater Bay Golf & country club, hong kong
GCI provides topographic, setting out and as-built survey services for the redevelopment of the Club’s driving range.
kanbauk lng to power project, myanmar
GCI carried out geodetic control surveys for the proposed additional gas pipeline (from the Yadana field) and new CCPP power station.
Docking System and Drystack Archival Survey, Hong Kong
The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club engaged GCI to collect archival low level (10m AGL) imagery of the marina Docking System as well as oblique imagery of the Drystack renovation. logo-cwb
Airport Obstruction Mapping, Thailand
GCI was commissioned to provide Ground Control Point (GCP) surveys at 8 airports in 7 Thai Cities. 50 GCPs were surveyed in 12 days throughout Thailand using static GNSS. Toposat cropped-logo
German house, Ho Chi Minh City
Through PM/CM Consultant Mace, GCI completed GFA As-built dimensional surveys of HCMC’s first A+ Grade office tower. 3D photometric equipment & techniques formed the basis of the floor plan measurements. logo-dh
2017 2019
Hoi An South Development – 18-hole Golf Course, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam
The golf course  main contractor has engaged GCI to provide an 18-month package of construction survey services: pre-construction control and baseline topographic surveys, ongoing cut/fill volume surveys, weekly drone-based progress reports and earthwork volumes and quantities.
kahuna condotel and water park, BA RIA – VUNG TAU province, Vietnam
The project owner contracted GCI to undertake control and topographic site surveys for the design of the new Ho Tram Strip development – Kahuna. Surveys included aerial photography and video (UAV) for the water park designer. HTP logo
gallery villas at the bluffs ho tram, BA RIA – VUNG TAU province, Vietnam
HTP was one of GCI’s first clients to utilise our 3D property scanning and modelling services. The Gallery show villa was scanned with our Matterport 3D camera for promotional and marketing purposes. HTP logo
HTP commissioned a nearshore hydrographic survey of 9km² of ocean floor as well as a topographic survey of 5.8km of beach strip for the engineering design of coastal protection HTP logo
German House, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
The project’s Project/Construction Management consultant hired GCI to perform a series of as-built survey reports as the office tower project neared the Practical completion phase.
2015 2017
HCMC Metro Line 1 (Viaduct), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam FVR engaged GCI to carry out engineering surveys for the geometric control of the casting of the viaduct segments, as well as the erection of the spans on the 17.5km long viaduct. GCI supplied the Project Surveyor, the Survey Project Manager and four engineering survey crews for 2 years. freyssinet



2016 2017
GCI was engaged by the main course contractor to provide surveys required for the renovation of the Academy course, including boundary, topographic, irrigation and as-built surveys.
FUV Campus Sites, Districts 7 and 9, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
The principle architect of Vietnam’s first private, nonprofit institute of higher learning (Fulbright University of Vietnam) contracted GCI to carry out detailed site surveys on two of it’s clients HCMC campuses.
Yara Warehouse, Be Ria – Vung Tau Province, Vietnam
The warehouse leasee commissioned GCI to undertake a series of settlement monitoring surveys of the warehouse floor for engineering design purposes.  
 2017 – 2018
Coastar Estates, Ba Ria – vung tau province, Vietnam
GCI is engaged by the developer to provide topographic and engineering survey services, from pre-con site and boundary surveys to ongoing set out and as-built surveys. GCI also provides aerial imagery to the owner on regular intervals for progress reports.  
Lan toi Estate, District 2, Ho Chi Minh CIty
The project developer assigned GCI to complete detailed site surveys and aerial mapping of the 5Ha site on the Saigon river. Surveys included control, topographic, hydrographic and aerial photography.  
NINE SOUTH ESTATE, NHA BE DISTRICT, HCMC Villa and infrastructure As-built surveys, drainage and pile as-built surveys were completed for the development owner. vinacapital logo
GCI was engaged by HTP to undertake a 350 ha topographic survey for the feasibility study of a new FBO airport near Binh Chau.

HTP logo

Parkland, District 2, HCMC GCI completed site feature surveys for the engineering design of a remodelled accessway for the owner.  


As-built surveys of ocean groins, phase 1 roads and canals, phase 2 utilities, topographic surveys of the phase 2 site and ocean front, as well as a near-shore hydrographic survey were carried out for the project owner. sapphire logo2
2016 – 2017
(Phase 2)
The development owner has contracted GCI to provide construction and engineering survey services for the duration of the tower construction. Surveys include pre-pour checks, as-builts, settlement and verticality monitoring and lift shaft monitoring.  city garden logo
Uong Thuong Coal Mine, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam
A Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or drone was successfully utilised to carry out a survey of 6.6km² of mine site and surrounds. Ground control and flying of the high resolution (30mm per pixel) aerial photography was carried out within one week and the Digital Surface Model (DSM) processed less than one week later. Deliverables from the UAV mapping included high resolution mosaiced imagery, point cloud data, DSM, digital terrain models (DTMs), contour maps, stockpile maps and a stockpile volume quantity report. Vietmindo
Cam Ranh Lotus golf, cam ranh, vietnam
GCI was engaged by the golf course earthworks and shaping contractor to supply site survey services. vgc logo
International School of HCMC, ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


GCI was contracted by the project’s MEP engineer to complete a dimensional survey of the schools existing buildings for the purpose of architectural and MEP design. Over 10,000m² of floor space was surveyed and measured. Output included 3D CAD drawings, a site survey, a roof plan, as-built dimensional building plans and elevations and a Building Information Management (BIM) model of the structures. indochine_1
Els Performance Academy
The Ernie Els Performance (golf) Academy at EcoPark, Hanoi was constructed by Vina Golf Construction, who engaged GCI to supply survey services during the earthworks and shaping phases. Topographic surveys using Real-Time-Kinematic (RTK) GPS were conducted for VGC volume estimates and claim submissions. vgc logo
Tank Depot, Khsom, Cambodia


Total Cambodge contracted GCI to undertake site surveys with their Khsom tank depot facility, south of Phnom Penh. Services provided included precise levels surveys of tank foundations, borehole surveys within the Depot site, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys adjacent to the tanks, geotechnical boreholes and soil investigation (site and laboratory) and engineering analysis of the tank foundations. header-logo-total
Sanctuary ho tram Residential reort, ba ria -vung tau province, vietnam


GCI completed the setting out survey of the 44 villa Lots in the second phase of the development. as well as a beachline survey for the project owner. Legal Lot plans were also prepared for the sales contracts. sapphire logo2
Arata Urban Development, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


A survey control network of benchmarks and GPS points were established by GCI before completing a 14 Ha topographic site survey. The site boundary corners were also set out and topographic and boundary plans prepared. download
Saigon Water Transmission, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


GCI provided the main contractor with a 15km long topographic site survey for the design of the Dia 3m city water pipeline. Surveys included control network, topographic and hydrographic surveys of major river crossing in the City. ohl-logo
Dalat at 1200 Golf and Country Club, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam


GCI’s contract on the Dalat at 1200 Golf and Country Club near Dalat has been successfully completed. Topographic survey plans covering 72ha of the project’s first phase of Villas has been submitted to the project owner for geotechnical, architectural and engineering design. GCI made extensive use of Real Time Kinematic GPS equipment and methods. High resolution satellite imagery from Digitalglobe was also provided to the project’s local partner. Dalat 1200
Waste Water Treatment Plants, Phnom Penh & Siem Reap, Cambodia


GCI provided the main contractor with control, set out, formwork verification as well as As-built surveys for the construction of two waste water treatment plants within the Phnom Penh and Siem Reap International airports. download
Miennel Villa Development, Kampot, Cambodia


The project owner and architect engaged GCI to survey the site and near-shore ocean frontages for the building platform and landscape design. A BIM model was one of the deliverables, GCI’s first BIM project. Miennel
Holm Residences, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


GCI provides construction survey services for the 2-year development of residential villa units in the City’s Thao Dien ward. Services included building and infrastructure conditional surveys, site surveys and design volume calculations, structure settlement monitoring and survey verification services. sapphire logo2
Ho Tram Strip Resort Development, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Vietnam


The project owner engaged GCI for pre-construction boundary, control network, utility, road design, topographic and oceanographic surveys in 2008. GCI was involved on the ongoing development, supplying topographic, as-built and engineering survey services for the Zone A hotel, resort and casino construction and Zone F (The Bluffs golf course, Gallery villas and service areas).

HTP logo


The Bluffs Golf Course, Ho Tram, Vietnam
The firm provided golf course construction survey services to the main contractor, preparing terrain modelling and earthworks volume calculations on the 18-hole Championship golf course.
Nagaworld VIP Hangar, Pochentong Airport, Phnom Penh


GCI surveyors completed control network, topographic, site feature and level surveys for the construction design engineering of the 100m wide hangar and supporting facilities. asi logo
Ing City Development, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
The project’s main contractor engaged GCI to provide topographic and hydrographic surveys of the river crossing to the south of the site for detailed engineering design of a new RC bridge. SDAG
Harvest Fish Hatchery Expansion, Siem Reap, Cambodia


The civil engineering consultant engaged GCI Cambodia to complete control network and topographic surveys of the existing hatchery and adjacent land for the expansion design. download
East Binh Duong Township, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam


GCI set out over 200 boundary positions in often challenging conditions (tidal waterbodies, bees, wasps and leeches) for the 126 Ha urban development site. RTK GPS was used throughout. vinacapital logo
Coilcraft Factory, An Phu IZ, Phu Yen Province, Vietnam


A range of site survey services (topographic, survey control, site profile, wind assessment, flood assessment, salinity measurements, water quality analysis, dioxin and prelim UXO assessment) were carried out for the feasibility and design of a new magneto facility. coilcraft logo
Nghi Son Refinery, Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam


GCI provided survey services (topographic, verification, as-built, volume calculations, etc) for a 6-month period for the ground improvement works in the tank farm area of the refinery for the tank foundation contractor. menard logo
Century 21 Mixed-Use Development, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Various surveys were carried out for the developer including: control network establishment, terrain surveys, boundary audit surveys and site topographic surveys, including existing water bodies and structures. vinacapital logo
Southern Railway, Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville, Cambodia


Level crossings on the 240km rail line from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville were surveyed for detailed engineering and safety design. GCI installed permanent control points and produced detailed plan/profile sheets for the engineering design consultant. nd_logo_small
Wheatstone LNG, Ho Chi Minh City , Vietnam


Dimensional survey services were provided at the projects spiral-welded steel pile fabrication yard, ensuring tolerances and specifications in the sub-contractors manufacturing were adhered to. jsteel logo
Clearwater Bay/Diamond Bay Golf & Country Clubs, Hong Kong
As-built surveys for earthwork volume calculations were carried out for the course shaping firm using RTK GPS. linksshape logo
Thao Dien Sapphire, Ho Chi Minh City , Vietnam


GCI provided site survey services for the future development of residential villas in the City’s Thao Dien Ward. Services included control network establishment, a boundary audit survey, topographic and utility mapping. sapphire logo2
Infrastructure Mapping, 11 Cities, Vietnam


The firm carried out ground control point surveys for 11 Cities throughout Vietnam,  including; Hanoi, Hai Phong, Vinh, Hue, Da Nang, Quy Nhon, Nha Trang, Ban Me Thuot, Da Lat, Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho. ICO
Hanoi Operations Factory (Nokia), Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam
GCI supported the construction of Nokia’s new mobile phone facility in Bac Ninh Province through the provision of fulltime (11 months) site survey services to the project’s main contractor. Services included all aspects of site survey works, and were performed with conventional (total station) and GNSS surveying equipment and methods. posco eng
City Garden Apartments, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


GCI provided survey audit services for site control, occupation surveys of the site boundary as well as elevation surveys on the adjacent Van Thanh creek, all on behalf of the owner/developer. GCI also provided engineering survey checks on the tower construction, including settlement monitoring and regular checks on horizontal and vertical movement of the structures. REFICO logo
Rao II Cable-Stayed Bridge, Hai Phong, Vietnam


At the pre-construction phase the firm checked the project site control, completed a baseline environmental monitoring (vibration, dust and noise) and undertook an existing condition survey of over 400 houses and buildings around the site. GCI was further engaged on the site fulltime (30 months), providing survey services in the form of a Survey Project Manager and two survey crews for the project’s main contractor, ensuring that all positional aspects of the construction works were correct. MT hojgaard logo
Yangon City GIS, Yangon, Myanmar


GCI supported the creation of the Yangon City Development Committee’s Geographic Information System through the surveying of control points and the field verification of 300km² of existing 1:50,000 scale mapping. aas logo
Thilawa SEZ, Myanmar


GCI’s first large scale topographic site survey in Myanmar was being carried out on one of Myanmar’s largest sites – the 25 km² Thilawa Special Economic Zone, south of Yangon. GCI completed this survey as part of the design process for the site, and included RTK mapping, control network establishment, long and cross sectional surveys of existing feeder roads, sectional surveys of rivers and drainage channels in to the Yangon River and digital terrain modelling. nippon koei

aas logo

Saigon Golf & Country Club, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


GCI provided satellite imagery, topographic, horticultural and hydrographic surveys for the project owner prior to construction. The golf course construction contractor engaged GCI to provide topographic, set out, staking and as-built surveys for the two-year construction of the golf course, driving range, nursery and maintenance areas. linksshape logo
Vietnam Glass Industries Plant III, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Vietnam
GCI provided setting out and audit survey services for the construction of the second and third glass line in the VGI facility. mace logoNippon sheet glass
Forest Preservation Project, Kampong Thom, Cambodia


Our services included the procurement of the LiDAR system and aircraft for the mapping of 20km² of forest as a pilot for a ODA funded REDD project. GCI also operated GPS ground stations for the LiDAR calibration flights, LiDAR and aerial photography flights, as well as supervised the processing of the LiDAR and digital photos. aas logo
Chi Linh Golf Course, Hai Duong, Vietnam
Upon completion of the golf course construction, GCI completed a detailed as-built survey of the course and it’s features, including cart paths, QCVs, drainage features, tees, greens, bunkers and water features. linksshape logo
Hanoi Operations Factory, Bac Ninh, Vietnam


GCI completed pre-construction surveys for the owner, including the establishment of a new site control network, a topographic survey with a void volume survey of the site sand fill, and a feature survey of the existing site services and utilities. nokia logo

vsip logo

DFAT (Australian Government), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Building and dimensional surveys of the 20th floor of Vincom Tower in Ho Chi Minh City were completed by GCI surveyors for the architects and engineers engaged in the refit of the office space. ghd logo
Laguna (Banyan Tree) Resort Golf Course, Lang Co, Thua Thien – Hue, Vietnam


The golf course construction contractor engaged GCI to provide topographic, set out, earthworks volume calculations, staking and as-built surveys for the rough shaping of the golf course, driving range, nursery and maintenance areas for the duration of their seven month contract. linksshape logo
Phu My Cable-Stayed Bridge, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


As a component of the signing off of the structure at the conclusion of the maintenance period, GCI conducted detailed level surveys of the bridge deck for the main contractor. Data was used to compare post-construction performance with design parameters. Baulderstone Logo


Ba Na Golf Course, Da Nang, Vietnam


The golf course construction contractor engaged GCI to provide topographic, set out, earthworks volume calculations, staking and as-built surveys for the rough shaping of the golf course, driving range, nursery, access roads and drainage features and maintenance areas. linksshape logo
Nuclear Power Plant 2, Ninh Thuan, Vietnam


GCI was selected by the mapping consultant to provide aerial photography, ground control and aerial mapping services for the Feasibility Study of Vietnam’s first atomic power station. Our services also included supply of 1:25000 topographic maps and existing aerial photography from Vietnam Government archives. aas logo
Saigon South Residences, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


The project owner commissioned GCI to complete a full topographic, control point and boundary survey of the 3Ha site. indochina capital logo
Dai Phuoc Lotus New Town, Dong Nai, Vietnam


The company provided verification surveys of the project control network at the outset of construction and was later engaged to monitor the control network and provide audit surveys of the site construction works, including sub-contractor survey control, villa pad set-out and as-built. Volumetric surveys of site filling have also been completed. vinacapital logo
Dai Lai Golf Course, Yen Phuc, Vietnam


Upon completion of the golf course construction, GCI completed a detailed as-built survey of the course and it’s features, including cart paths, QCVs, drainage features, tees, green bunkers and water features. linksshape logo
Greg Norman Estates, Da Nang, Vietnam


The project owner engaged GCI to establish the site control network, complete a site topographic survey (17Ha) and set out design features during the project start-up phase. vinacapital logo
50 Dong Khoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


For the refit of the building’s interior for new tenants, GCI completed a detailed 3D dimensional survey of the building for the project architect. Plan and elevation drawings were delivered and used for the refit design. designhub
Ceana Villas, Quang Nam, Vietnam


The project manager commissioned GCI to complete a detailed topographic survey of the site, an as-built survey of previously installed piles, a check survey of project control points and provide QC/QA services on previously completed surveys. vianprojects logo
Vinh Thai Urban Township, Nha Trang, Vietnam
The project owner contracted GCI to complete a full control network, topographic, feature and utility survey of the 183 Ha site for master plan and detailed engineering design. The field survey was carried out with RTK GPS equipment. High resolution satellite imagery was also supplied and rectified. vianprojects logo
Nhat Tan Cable-Stayed Bridge, Hanoi, Vietnam


A control network verification survey was carried by GPS and orthometric levelling for the main contractor during the pre-construction phase. In 2011 GCI supplied the project’s engineers with Ashtech dual-frequency GPS receivers for the surveying and monitoring of the bridges five towers. smc logo
Binh Duong II Liquid Plant, Binh Duong, Vietnam


As part of a building settlement study, the firm was commissioned to complete baseline and monitoring surveys over a six-month period. Precise levelling equipment and techniques were used for engineering analysis of the structure. p&g logo
Centrepoint Building, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


The project owner engaged GCI to provide nett rentable area certification for the commercial office leasing of Ho Chi Minh City’s first green building. REFICO logo
Niagara Hospitality School, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Vietnam


As part of the overall Ho Tram strip development, ACDL contracted GCI to undertake a topographic survey of a 90ha site near Phuoc Hai for the detailed design of a hospitality training school. download
Ben Luc – Long Thanh Expressway, Long An – Dong Nai, Vietnam


GCI supplied orthorectified high resolution satellite imagery and ground control points of the 60km-long new expressway alignment for the feasibility study. Imagery was rectified and delivered in both WGS84 and VN2000 coordinate systems. kei logo1
Phu My Cable-Stayed Bridge, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


GCI was employed by the construction consortium on a Sub-consultancy basis to provide engineering survey services on all aspects of the construction programme from bridge and approach piles, piers and decks, to the tower pile-caps, towers, deck and road furniture. GCI was the Project Surveyor and supplied four fulltime survey crews for 30 months, using RTK GPS as well as conventional equipment in support of the bridge construction. Baulderstone Logo


Saigon Bridge 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
As part of the preliminary design completed by BBBH, GCI carried out topographic surveys of the existing bridge, approaches, piers and a hydrographic survey of the Saigon River. Baulderstone Logodownload
Diamond Island Apartments, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Audit survey services for the site control network, site boundary and the zone B building footprint were performed for the project owner prior to construction. Additional engineering survey services were provided in 2009 during the foundation construction work. BTA Developments
Ha Long Star Resort, Ha Long, Vietnam


A topographic survey of the 125 hectare site was undertaken for the detailed design of hotels, villas, site roads, drainage and utilities, using RTK & conventional equipment. GCI’s client was the project’s engineering consultant. Hyderconsulting
Starbay Resort, Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang, Vietnam


The project owner commissioned GCI to complete the topographic survey of the site, through the supervision and management of third party survey teams on 200 Ha, and completing the detailed topographic survey of the remaining 300 Ha. GCI completed the 1:500 plan production of the entire site, in accordance with Vietnamese standards and regulations for the project’s license application. h1_logo_millennium
Combined Cycle Power Plants, Ca Mau, Vietnam


GCI provided survey checking and audit services to the turbine and generator supplier during the 12-month construction of 2 power islands for the Ca Mau I & Ca Mau II stations. Services included both civil and mechanical surveying. siemens logo
Koh Rong Development, Cambodia


1:25,000 topographic maps were procured and digitised into a 3D model of the island for master and concept planning purposes. h1_logo_millennium


Saigon Premier Container Terminal, Ho Chi Minh City


The project’s Resident Engineer awarded GCI various sub-consultancy assignments throughout the construction of the container terminal. Tasks included; checking the survey control network, designing, installation supervision and precise surveying of new permanent control points, and surveys of high voltage transmission lines over the Dong Ngai river to determine air draft (clearance) distances. 19015-dpworldlogo
Dream Bay Resort, Pineapple Island, Kien Giang, Vietnam
Commissioned by the resort developer, GCI completed a detailed topographic survey of the 15 Ha site, for investment license application and detailed design purposes. Conventional and satellite based mapping techniques were employed on the surveys. Skye Holdings


GCI was contracted by the mine owner to survey audit the mine stockpiles and volumes for a mine review by Marston & Marston of the US. Vietmindo
Noi Bai Expressway, Hanoi – Lao Cai, Vietnam


GCI was contracted by the project’s design consultant to design, manage and provide QC/QA functions on the GPS control network from Hanoi to the Chinese border at Lao Cai (240km). pci logo
Pu Sam Cap, Lai Chau, Vietnam


GPS surveys of ground control points for satellite imagery-based mapping were undertaken during the exploration phase of the mining project in northern Vietnam. tpj
Sanctuary Residential Resort, Ho Tram, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province, Vietnam


GCI has supported the project through detailed topographic survey of the 16Ha site, using GPS and conventional methods for the detailed engineering design of the residential resort and it’s environs. The company has also completed boundary check surveys during the construction phase. REFICO logo
Mekong Groundwater Study, Various Provinces, Cambodia


Differential GPS (DGPS) was used to survey 70 groundwater wells in Prey Veng and Svay Rieng provinces in eastern Cambodia and incorporate the results into a larger study of groundwater in the Mekong Delta. cambodian flagNational Committee for Development, Government of Cambodia
Poverty Reduction Project, Central Provinces, Vietnam


As a sub-component of the poverty reduction project, GCI procured 11 sets single frequency survey-grade GPS receivers and trained surveyors from 9 central Vietnam provinces in static, stop-and-go and kinematic GPS surveying. vietnam flagMinistry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Government of Vietnam
Cuu Long Cable-Stayed Suspension Bridge, Can Tho, Vietnam


GCI supplied full survey services to the main contractor on this second cable-stayed bridge over the Mekong River. GCI’s role was to provide QC/QA services, ensuring that all sub-contractors conform to design and construction requirements. The company supplied the survey supervisor and three fulltime survey crews, using RTK GPS as well as conventional equipment. Taiseilogo

kajima logo

nippon steel

Phu My 2.2 Power Plant, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Vietnam


GCI provided civil & mechanical surveying services for the main contractor, as well as verticality & tilt monitoring services during installation of turbines & generators. cofiva
Ngoc The – Thi Lien Environmental Sanitation, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Survey control from the detailed design phase was checked for the construction supervision consultant and audited prior to construction of this World Bank funded sanitation project. cdm smith
Bunga Raya Alpha Central Processing Platform, Nha Trang, Vietnam


GCI supplied the project with an independent structural dimensional survey of the platform, monitoring deck deflections and providing as-built structural reports. talisman logo
Rural Access Roads Improvement Project – Various Sites, Laos PDR


GCI provided supervisory and management services on 450 kms of rural road surveys, as well as data collection and detailed road design services for an additional 150 kms of provincial highway and access road. pci logo
Phu My 3 Combined Cycle Power Plant, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Vietnam


GCI supplied topographical site and UXO clearance surveys as well as setting out services during pre-construction, followed by QC/QA services during the two-year construction period of the US$400 million BOT power plant. siemens logo
Saigon East West Highway, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Technical Assistance sub-consultancy services in the form of supervision and quality assurance functions on topographic and hydrographic surveys were supplied during the 12 month detailed design phase of this JBIC project. pci logo
Nam Con Son Gas Terminal, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Vietnam


The firm completed an 18 month contract supplying up to eight crews completing civil and mechanical surveying services on the construction of the gas processing facility and 28 km pipeline as part of the US$1.5 billion Nam Con Son BOT Gas Development Project. macdow
My Thuan Riverbank Protection, Tien Giang, Vietnam


Services provided included: topographic, hydrographic, and river velocity surveys as well as multi-beam sonar imaging during the construction of the protection works. GCI provided underwater surveys of the groyne structures, monitoring the structures attitude and positioning during the post-construction monitoring phase of the project. Baulderstone Logo
Agricultural Mapping, South Central Highlands, Vietnam


GPS mapping, ground truthing and crop data collection services for a satellite image based, Geographic Information System (GIS). geosys_logo
My Thuan Cable-Stayed Suspension Bridge, Tien Giang, Vietnam


GCI completed sub-consultancy services, from topographic and hydrographic surveys to engineering surveys on all components of the bridge from bored river piles to towers and decks. Baulderstone Logo
Ham Thuan Hydro Electric, Lam Dong, Vietnam


GCI provided survey services for this major construction project. Initially undertaking topographic work for detailed design, the firm set out and monitored all project components, including main dam, auxiliary dams, headrace tunnel, penstocks, powerhouse and tail race canal. kumagai


3rd Highway Rehabilitation, Mekong Delta, Vietnam


GCI provided survey supervision, quality control and reporting services for this Feasibility and Preliminary Design Phase of the design of 240 kilometres of National Highway No 1 from Can Tho to Nam Cam in the Mekong Delta. aecom


East West Transport Corridor, Da Nang, Vietnam


Seabed mapping of the harbour using hydrographic methods and GPS navigation and positioning techniques and topographic surveys of the headland for design of port facilities and channel improvement works. aecom


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